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Filter details and comparison before and after use

Air Purifier Filter

Air Purifier

When Filter Life decreases to one bar and flashes Filter needs to be changed immediately.

Gas & Odor Carbon Filter

Gas & Odor Carbon Filter
(Left) Filter life about 1 year, (Right) Never been used.

Carbon Filter is effective in absorbing all unpleasant odors. Formaldehyde, Volatile substances, including VOCs, the more Carbon components the Filter has, the more greater the efficiency in absorbing odors. When the service life is complete, the Filter should be replaced. for best performance

HEPA Filter

HEPA Filters
(Left) Never been used, (Right) Filter life about 1 year.

HEPA Filter is responsible for filtering airborne particles such as PM2.5, animal dandruff, pollen, and allergens. Including bacteria and viruses. The filter on the left that has not yet been used will be pure white. This is different from the right side which indicates that the filter has captured so much dirt that it has become grey-black. Changing the filter when the time is right. Therefore making the air filtration most effective.

Note: The Filter example above is an approximation only. The actual lifespan depends on the level of pollution, turning the machine on and off, and the settings of the machine.

Titanium Pro UV that sterilizes with radiation Photocatalyst UV

(for model AG600/AG900)

Titanium Pro UV

Titanium Pro UV has a lifespan of up to 6,000 hours and has a function that can be turned on and off. When the light bulb icon flashes, it means an alarm to replace. For efficiency in decomposing germs inside the machine

Advantages of an air purifier that has a 100% sealed body design.

Air Purifier

Airgle has the most innovative and secure design. The sealed design ensures that the air that comes out of the unit will be 100% pure air because of polluted air. Cannot escape from the edge of the filter that we have designed so well that it passes medical standards.

In addition, it also prevents pollution from sticking to the motor or propeller of the machine, making the motor work fully and last longer than general air purifiers.

Air Purifier Filter
Air Purifier Filter

The machine, including our filter, uses all aluminum materials. According to the recommendations of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which states: 'For medical standards, the filter frame must be aluminum.

Compared to the materials of normal air purifiers where the body is made of plastic and the filter is made of foam or paper. Materials made from aluminum do not create moisture and most effectively prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.

Filter replacement service by experts at your home

Airgle is not only a brand that has passed medical standards. We also pay attention to after-sales service. There is a service to change the filter at every home by an expert and a service to check the weather conditions for the good health of our customers forever.

Consumer Most Trusted Brand

With its top-of-the-line performance and excellent build quality, it's no wonder that Airgle has been endorsed by NASA, the Royal Saudi Family, and many of the world's largest corporations, healthcare organizations, government agencies, schools, and residential establishments for over a decade worldwide.

Air Purifier



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