Airgle AG500-900

01. Why do we need an air purifier?

Americans spend at least 70% of their lives indoors, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that, on average, indoor air is five times more polluted than outdoor air. Given these staggering statistics, it only makes sense that having an air purifier will greatly improve your and your family’s health.

02. What contaminants will Airgle air purifier remove from the air?

Airgle air purifier can effectively remove dust, tobacco smoke, chemical vapors, odors and bacteria from the air.

07. How do I turn off the LCD?

If you wish to turn off the LCD on the left hand side of the panel, press "Mode" or "Auto" button twice.

09. What is AHAM Certified CADR?

AHAM’s standard for measuring an air cleaner’s efficacy is called the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR). CADR indicates the volume of filtered air an air cleaner delivers, with separate scores for tobacco smoke, pollen and dust. The higher the CADR number for each pollutant, the faster the unit filters the air. Always look for the AHAM Verifide® mark when shopping for air cleaners, which is usually found on the side or back of an air cleaner’s packaging. Source: https://ahamverifide.org/ahams-air-filtration-standards/

06. How does Control Setting work?

This advanced setting is for users who deal with severe air pollution. The default setting for the unit is low and should meet the needs of most people. The moderate setting displays as two bars on the right-hand size of LCD control panel.

04. How do I replace filters and reset the filter gauge?

Airgle air purifier is equipped with a filter life monitor, which will assist you in determining when a filter needs to be replaced. Please visit our Manual page to get a PDF version of the Filter Installation and Reset Guide for a specific model.

05. How do I reset Titanium Pro?

Airgle system is equipped with a Titanium Pro life monitor, which will assist you in determining when this module needs to be replaced. Please visit our Manual Page to get a PDF version of the Filter Installation and Reset Guide for a specific model.

03. I bought an Airgle air purifier and want to upgrade. How do I modify filter configuration ?

Change the Airgle air purifier filter configuration based on the model you are upgrading. Call us to purchase the filters for the upgrading model. Titanium Pro applies only to AG600 and AG850 and AG900 models.

08. Which Airgle model has a highest CADR value?

Model: AG800 The Airgle AG800 exceeds CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) industry standards. CADR is the only air purifier standard that is recognized as an American National Standard. In an independent test performed by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers(AHAM), the AG800 achieved CADR ratings that are among the highest in the industry. Tobacco Smoke >765 m3/hr, Pollen >765 m3/hr, dust >680 m3/hr.

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