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About Airgle

In 1999, we started our mission to improve the health and well-being of our customers by designing and manufacturing the safest, most reliable, and most effective air purification systems on the market.

Airgle is ISO 14001 certified and committed to reducing its carbon footprint through sustainable measures in production and operations. Established to offer air purification technologies and equipment, Airgle stands for: Purifying Air with a Great Level of Efficiency. Today we live up to that promise by being one of the most experienced manufacturers of air purification systems in the United States. 

Brand History


A High Level of Well-Being

Founded in New York City in 1999, Airgle's motto is: Purifying Air with a Great Level of Efficiency. The team which set up to design and manufacture safely for reliable and effective air purifiers and water purifiers, began to research and develop large air flow air purifiers.


First Appearance

In 2003, Airgle air purifiers were launched into the main sales network in the United States. Airgle successfully developed AG750 air purifier and expanded its brand influence.


Popular in the United States

Airgle started to research and develop fully sealed and higher CADR air purifiers called Airgle Series. In the same year, Airgle started to research and develop the water filter products. In AHAM's Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) performance testing, Airgle air purifiers passed every rigorous checkpoint and achieved an excellent rating which enabled Airgle to grow rapidly.


Airgle shop.jpg
Launched into China

Airgle China company was founded. The new products line, Airgle Series of air purifiers, were launched into China, and gradually entered into city shopping malls across the country. Many offline experience stores were fully activated, and Airgle began the online and offline channels of sales network.


Step by Step

After Airgle entered China, it won four major awards from China's Ministry of Industry and information Technology; two awards including High-end Leader Brand in Air Purifier Industry and Leading Technology in Air Purifier Industry.  Airgle began to launch its products into the Hong Kong, Macau , Indian and South Korean market.


airgle at home.JPG
Became Popular Worldwide
The year of 2016 is a significant year for Airgle. Within a short period of time, the offline sales network had been fully opened up.The AG900 had also become the well-deserved flagship product that it is today.


Saudi Royal Family

Airgle has successfully made itself into the Saudi Royal family by virtue of its own strength. The Saudi Health Care Advisory team purchases large quantities of AG900 air purifiers and places them in various palaces and conference rooms to provide professional air purification services for King Salman and many Saudi officials.


AG25 Air Purifier

Airgle AG25 is equipped with top filtration technologies and combined with innovative designs. The compact size is a breakthrough in air purifier realm of its professional, efficient, and durability.


Airgle with Dr Tyler Orehek-blue.jpg
Trusted by hospitals worldwide

In 2020, Airgle is widely used in the medical institutions worldwide to fight covid-19. Airgle is specialized in air purification solution and effectively reduces the rate of healthcare-associated infection (HAIs), ensuring hospitals and clinics are safe and clean.


airgle (2)-1_edited.jpg
Focusing on innovation and Environment

Airgle is a trusted global brand of air purification systems sold in 100+ countries, with ISO 14001 certified production process and commitment to sustainable development. Airgle's engineers focus on developing new technologies for high-quality and eco-friendly products.

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