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9 reasons why Airgle is the best choice

Air Purifier

Nowadays, Air Purifiers come in many forms and have various forms of filtration technology. There are many to choose from, but at Airgle we provide air purifiers. That has received international standards such as the US FDA, AHAM and has also been trusted by NASA, the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, IKEA, Mercedes-Benz, and leading medical institutions around the world.

9 reasons why Airgle is the best choice


Leading medical institutions, hospitals, and clinics choose Airgle.

As you well know Air purifiers used by hospitals must undergo rigorous testing to confirm their filtration efficiency and meet various safety requirements before they can be installed in the ward. Currently, many hospitals and clinics in Thailand choose to use Airgle air purifiers and install them in clean rooms, diagnostic rooms, and negative pressure wards. laboratory and reception areas to reduce the chance of virus transmission and protect medical personnel and patient health.

2. The most efficient filtration technology system

The filter is the heart of the Airgle air purifier. It uses a medical grade filter, HEPA H14, which is the highest resolution grade on the industrial right now. Works with a high-density Activated Carbon filter. and use technology photocatalytic oxidation + UVC patented by the United States It helps decompose bacteria, viruses, and harmful gases. Airgle has also been tested by a Biosafety Level 3 laboratory in the United States. That it can eliminate more than 99.998% of the SARS-Cov-2 virus, the virus that leads to Covid-19, in the air.


Completely closed design

The sealed machine design ensures that all intake air is filtered and purified before it is released. Airgle has a safe sealed machine and medical-grade filter edge design. This allows users to be confident that the air coming out of the machine will be air that has been filtered and sterilized. Absolutely 100% pure


Guaranteed to be safe and free from ozone.

Some air purifiers may have a system that creates ozone. which if used for a long time, may result in higher ozone concentration levels. Which irritates the eyes, nose, and can damage lung tissue. But every Airgle model has been certified by the United States as being ozone-free, ensuring that Airgle's air filtration system is safe for the health of users.

Consumer Most Trusted Brand

With its top-of-the-line performance and excellent build quality, it's no wonder that Airgle has been endorsed by NASA, the Royal Saudi Family, and many of the world's largest corporations, healthcare organizations, government agencies, schools, and residential establishments for over a decade worldwide.

Air Purifier



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