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Air purifier chemical absorption efficiency


There are many types of air pollution that we encounter and inhale, such as smoke, dust, gases, as well as vapors from various chemicals. Which, These things can cause harm or have negative effects on health. If we inhale it, it will have a direct effect on the respiratory system. May cause inflammation and chronic irritation In addition, some substances are mutagenic and risk causing cancer as well.


Medical advice on prevention and immediate problem-solving When you have to be surrounded by pollution and chemicals

  • Avoid being outside the building or in polluted places.

  • Wearing a hygienic mask To prevent soot, dust, and gaseous pollution. Various chemical vapors and if you want protection at the level of gas and bacteria filtration. You should buy a face mask with a fine-sized filter or a carbon filter to trap gases and prevent them from entering the breathing system.

  • Purifying the air in a room or building with an air purifier as a helper, you should use an air purifier with a grade filter that can filter and trap smoke, gas, and chemical vapors.

Features of the air purifier that can absorb chemicals
1. There should be an activated carbon filter (Activated Carbon) that can absorb and trap chemical vapors that can cause odors, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), benzene, and xylene. Cooking gas, including cigarette smoke and car exhaust smoke. The more the carbon weighs, the more This means that it can absorb a lot of things very well.

2. There should be a HEPA grade filter that can filter and trap particles at 0.003 microns, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, smoke, and all kinds of droplets.

3. There should be technology that can degrade odors and vapors such as photocatalytic oxidation technology Photocatalytic oxidation is a process of intensive oxidation of hydroxyl under UV light, which can eliminate bacteria, viruses, and decompose formaldehyde, volatile substances, and odors.

Air Purifier

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