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Is an air purifier necessary?

Air Purifier

If there is a question arises that why are air purifiers is it more necessary for daily life? Admin will take anyone to find answers with information collected on a variety of issues that make the air purifier necessary in daily life and has resulted in the demand for air purifiers increasing as well.

Fact .. Air pollution that occurs

Our planet is surrounded by a layer of atmosphere about 15 kilometers thick. This layer of atmosphere consists of nitrogen gas, oxygen, dust water vapor, and various microorganisms The most important gas for the existence of life on earth is oxygen gas, and the layer of the atmosphere that has enough oxygen gas to support life. It is only 5-6 kilometers thick. If our world has a constant amount of these gases, we will consider that the world still has clean air.


But whenever the composition of the air changes, for example, there is an excessive amount of dust, gases, odors, smog, water vapor, soot, and radioactivity in the atmosphere, we call such conditions polluted air or air pollution.

*Department of Environmental Quality Promotion

Medical articles from the field of nose diseases and nasal allergies Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital state that "air pollution" refers to the condition of the air that contains pollutants in large amounts and for a period of time that will cause negative effects on human health. Such pollutants may occur naturally or caused by human actions It can be in the form of a gas, liquid droplet, or solid particle. Important air pollutants that have an impact on health, include dust, lead, and carbon monoxide gas Sulfur dioxide gas Nitrogen oxides, ozone gas, volatile organic compounds, etc.


Pollutants that mix in the air and affect health include:

- Ozone gas is corrosive and causes eye irritation. and the mucosa of the respiratory system Inflammation of the nasal and lung tissues causes a decrease in the lungs' ability to receive oxygen. Asthma may occur. especially in children, people get tired easily and quickly in the elderly and people with chronic lung disease or asthma will have more symptoms than before.

- Carbon monoxide gas When breathing in this type of gas It will react with hemoglobin in the blood. This causes the blood to lack oxygen to nourish the cells in the body and the heart to work harder. If you receive this gas in large quantities Will cause the body to lack oxygen and will be life-threatening.

- Nitrogen dioxide gas affects the visual system and for people with asthma or respiratory disease when breathing in this type of gas will cause symptoms to worsen.

- Sulfur dioxide gas is corrosive and irritates the respiratory system, skin, and eye mucosa, causing burning in the nose, windpipe, skin, and eyes when breathing in a lot of this gas. Will corrode the mucosa and organs in the respiratory system If taken for a long time, it will cause nasal disease and chronic bronchitis.

- Volatile organic compounds have a direct effect on the respiratory system by causing inflammation and chronic irritation In addition, some substances are mutagenic and are at risk of causing cancer, such as from burning garbage that is mixed with plastic.

- Dust is air pollution that is a major problem in the world. Including Thailand and large communities. Research has found that dust particles cause health problems. It's a small dust particle with a size not exceeding 10 microns this small dust particle can enter the respiratory system through the nasal cavity and into the air sacs in the lungs causing, inflammation, and chronic irritation and the dust will be more toxic. If the dust is caused by the combination of certain gases such as sulfur dioxide Nitrogen oxides enter the dust particles. By causing allergic reactions and can irritate the skin, respiratory tract, and eyes.

Otherwise, with the current air pollution, we are still dealing with many different strains of viruses and bacteria that can be dispersed in the air as well.


Currently, Thailand is experiencing a problem of greatly increased air pollution. From the Rocket Media Lab information article, State of Global Air reports that in 2019 there were 32,200 deaths related to PM2.5 in Thailand. In the Ministry of Public Health report, it was found that in 2021, the number of deaths related to air pollution in Thailand, was as high as 7,795,677 cases, and in Bangkok, from a report by Rocket Media Lab, it was found that in the past 2021..

People in Bangkok breathe in PM2.5 toxic dust, comparable to smoking 1,261 cigarettes.

Additionally, the World Health Organization (WHO) states that atmospheric air pollution is currently the most serious health risk factor. It is a cause of cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease and is a widespread problem that causes Problems in almost every country.


In addition to the pollution problem that is difficult to avoid, there are epidemics, viruses, and bacteria that can mainly be spread through the air. causing it to greatly affect the way we live our lives Because it is caused by spreading from person to person Through droplets from the nose or mouth, which are expelled when the patient coughs or sneezes. And we can get infected by breathing in the droplets very easily.

Medical advice on prevention and solve immediate problems when surrounded by pollution and viruses in the air

For living with pollution and germs, that is wearing a hygienic mask. To prevent soot, dust, and various types of gas pollution. if you want protection at the level of gas and bacteria filtration. You should buy a face mask with a fine-sized filter or a carbon filter to trap gases from entering the breathing system.

Department of Disease Control

Another option that helps with your health is an Air purifier that has a fresh air purification system that meets health standards Another option to solve the pollution problem and virus Air conditioning in the room and the building to be pure with an air purifier It is a choice that is currently gaining popularity among consumers around the world.

Air Purifier

If anyone has ever lived abroad, especially in the United States, Europe, or industrially developed countries. From a survey of many sources, It was found that these countries have a high rate of air purifier use. and this has continued to rise until the present.

Take developed countries in Asia for example Hong Kong which is another country who have encountered problems with dust exceeding the standard over a long period. As of October 2017, Hong Kong has had particulate matter levels exceeding standards. The Hong Kong government reports that 400 people have died from respiratory illnesses and more than 190,000 have been hospitalized due to particulate matter. This caused Hong Kong to begin serious measures to eliminate dust. For example, installing the world's largest air filtration system on the bypass road or campaigning for government offices to install air purifiers inside buildings.

Another country is South Korea, we often see the country's population wearing masks widely. Because the dust level of the capital, Seoul, has a very high dust level. Until sales of air purifiers and face masks increased rapidly. An article from Brand Inside states that Emart, one of the leading retailers in South Korea, surveyed and found that Sales of face masks in 2019 within South Korea increased by 458% compared to the same period last year. Air purifiers increased 414%, with this increase equivalent to 95% of total March 2018 sales.

Air purifier Filter

In Thailand, over the past 2-3 years, there has been a problem of toxic dust and smog exceeding the standard level. Including the problem of the COVID-19 epidemic causing the Pollution Control Department. There is a pilot installation of air purifiers to reduce PM2.5 pollution and after the WHO organization came out stating that COVID-19 can float in the air for a long time. The infection can be transmitted through the respiratory system by inhaling aerosols that are contaminated with the virus. which many doctors such as Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nithipat Chiarakul, Head of the Department of Respiratory System Diseases and Tuberculosis Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Mahidol University has posted a message via Facebook, Nithipat Chiarakul, stating that he recommends that an air filtration system should be used to have air circulation. It combines the use of a HEPA filter, an electrostatic generation system, and UV light to kill germs.

Air purifier Is it really necessary?

From the information from many aspects above shows that Our daily lives now face and are at risk from many factors. both air pollution and outbreaks of various virus strains that will occur in the future It's difficult to avoid, so a quality air purifier is useful and helps reduce the risk of exposure to pollution and germs. Which will affect your health in the long run.

Air purifier

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Air Purifier

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